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School Life

来自世界各地的银河官网app下载来到银河网站app下载, and they bring with them a broad range of backgrounds, interests and talents.

With about 295 students, 银河网站app下载是一个有意为之的小社区,银河官网app下载和教职员工私下认识,并互相称呼对方的名字.

银河官网app下载大约80%的银河官网app下载是寄宿生,他们住在三个宿舍楼之一:安德森宿舍楼, Lawrence Hall or Kehaya House. 每个银河官网app下载都学会了对自己负责和尊重他人, and develop bonds with friends that will last a lifetime.

Never far away are dorm parents, 银河官网app下载领袖和其他教员准备庆祝银河官网app下载的成功, give advice, counsel or just listen.


在银河网站app下载,银河官网app下载重视学术,但银河官网app下载也重视乐趣. 银河官网app下载的银河官网app下载活动总监在银河官网app下载休息时间安排娱乐活动. On-campus pursuits include barbecues, athletic tournaments, game nights, movies, school dances and more. 在阿什维尔,银河官网app下载们还可以观看音乐会、戏剧和其他艺术活动、电影和体育赛事. 

Two advisors cooking for students
A girl is jumping surrounded by her hallmates.
Two students cheering
Two students playing rock, paper, scissors
A girl hols a whiffle ball bat
A boy laughs while playing the drums
Four girls screen printing
A boy holds up his screen printed shirt
Two boys at the spring carnival
A boy and a girl view art
A group of boys and an advisor playing Uno
A table in a foyer decorated for Dia de los Muertos
A boy wearing a caving helmet
A student stands with flowers at an orchid festival
A student in an art gallery in Asheville
Four students work on a mandala with a Tibetan monk.
Two boys on an inflatable obstacle course
A student holds a goat during goat yoga
Students cheering at a sporting event
Students cheering at a sporting event
Students cheering at a sporting event
Five girls at prom

Student Services



银河网站app下载有足够多的银河官网app下载组织来满足几乎任何口味. 银河官网app下载可以在出版物上加强他们的写作和编辑 The Ashnoca newspaper, Blue & White yearbook or the Review literary and visual arts magazine. 或者他们可以在银河官网app下载会这样的社团中磨练自己的领导能力, 银河官网app下载环境行动组织或米切尔内阁服务组织.

Investment Club
Fustal Club
Microlending Club
The Ashnoca (newspaper)
Blue & White (Yearbook)
The Review (publication)
LOGOS (publication)
Multicultural Board
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Debate Team
Students for Life Asheville
Students for Environmental Action
Math Club
Ping Pong Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Model UN
Mitchell Cabinet (Service) 
HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

Student Council
Robotics / Technology Club
Gay-Straight Alliance
Improv Club
Film Club
Photography Club
Martial Arts Club
Creative Writing Club
Sketch (Art Club)

Asheville School - School Life
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